Performance and creativity: how to choose a highly-customized video marketing platform that combines both?

When we talk about video marketing, we often refer to lead generation, engagement and conversion performance measurement as the main objectives of this approach. But let’s not overlook an equally important and intrinsically linked aspect of video: creativity.

This is all the more important when it comes to highly personalised video marketing platforms, which need to focus even more on aesthetic and creative aspects in order to address their users in a targeted manner. However, not all of them offer the level of creativity you would expect.

So how do you distinguish a highly-customized video marketing platform that combines performance and creativity?

Here we give you some tips to make the right choice!

A carefully designed interface

The first thing you will be able to evaluate is the platform’s graphic environment: it must be original and attractive, combining the graphic qualities that will make it a “user-friendly” interface: a pleasant colorful universe and an ergonomic interface, distinct action buttons, beautiful visuals…

It is also essential to take into account the user experience, which must be optimal: smooth navigation, immediate access to key information, a quick understanding of how the platform works…all elements that should not be overlooked when choosing your ultra-personalized video marketing platform.

Finally, the envisaged platform will have to propose a maximum of explanatory videos, testimonials, technical demonstrations in order to effectively prove its creative interest.

Relevant resources

Consulting the different types of resources available will allow you to evaluate not only the relevance of the content, but also its originality and creativity; and could also provide you with information on the platform’s performance. For example, use cases or client cases demonstrate both the platform’s expertise and its ability to add value to its clients’ content on a creative level.

We also recommend that you browse the blog and look for the themes of the articles: make sure that the platform offers as many articles on the technical aspects, on the performance of ultra-customized marketing video, as on the importance of creativity.

Meaningful references

Observing the customer references of the platforms you plan to use will allow you to project yourself, to have a precise idea of what the platform offers and what it is capable of doing. This is all the more useful when it comes to concrete achievements: watch the videos made and evaluate their aesthetic potential and their power of seduction. For performance measurement, the presence of figures confirming the ROI should inform you and assure you of the commercial efficiency of the platform.

Team profiles

A high-performance platform naturally requires the profiles of experienced developers and R&D engineers. But also take a look at the creative profiles: does the team include graphic designers, art directors, UX designers? These profiles are essential to the deployment of a highly-customized video marketing platform so that it combines creativity and performance.

A call to find out

Finally, the best way to evaluate a platform is to talk to one of its experts. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with one of them; this will allow you to learn more about the platform’s performance and, above all, to appreciate the spirit and style “behind the machine”: is the person you’re talking to a salesperson who is a bit insistent, is he an overly technical engineer or simply a versatile expert who is passionate about his job?

When you choose the platform that will accompany your ultra-customized video marketing strategy, it is important to take into account as many elements as possible, because not only does this platform represent the engine that will drive and boost your business development, but it will also become your day-to-day partner for several months. It is therefore important to bet just to guarantee the success of this marketing operation.

Highly personalised video marketing is inseparable from an effective lead generation strategy, but it must be designed strategically and creatively because it is the latter aspect that makes it the most consulted medium on the web today. Without creativity, there is no commitment and without commitment, there is no conversion, and therefore no performance!