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Birdland Creations offers jewelry that does more than adorn - it evokes a feeling within you exness demo - whether that feeling is playfulness, serenity, comfort, being loved....

Jewellery can have a sense of fun to cheer you, or can be an affirmation, or a reminder. It is so much more than decoration.

So in the 7 galleries -
Playful, Joy, Trust, Serene, Loved, Radiant, and Comfort - you will find a variety of hand crafted silver and aluminium jewelry pieces, all designed to delight and to evoke positive happy feelings.

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From the cathedral rose window earrings that offer a sense of serenity, to the silver bird jumping for joy conjuring up a sense of playfulness, this jewelry will lift your spirits.

Many pieces whether earrings, necklaces, charms, cufflinks, brooches or bracelets have a touch of whimsy to them and often some movement for the wearer’s entertainment and delight.

I hand craft every piece myself and many of the pieces are one of a kind. So enjoy browsing through the unique galleries and I hope I fulfill my goal that my creations make you smile.

In 2010 I was proud to be featured in the Sunday New York Times. Please see my "comments" page for more information.